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The charm of Aloha collection is seductive, intriguing, elegant and captivating. It inspires itself to the sinuous shapes of tropical plants and textures fused together in an eclectic mix of colours and natural finishes. Any design has his own personality moulded by the creativity of our artists and by a completely Italian style. In the same way the combination of textiles and colours creates an elegant evening gown, Aloha combines finishes suitable to contemporary design and dresses with refinement a wall ready to seduce. Aloha is a long journey starting from our imagination, crossing the hidden places of our being to wake up the desire of overpassing the boundaries of a personality reflecting on the wall which goes beyond decoration where design and nature, contemporary and esotic, workmanship and art meet to melt in unique emotions to be lived. Aloha is a typical Hawaiian word going further the mere greeting, it is a way of living, a sincere wish for love, joy, happiness and abundance.

Aloha is our wish for you!

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